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Ezine Solo Ads

by brenda on June 20, 2010

Ezine Solo Ads are basically ads you pay for to show in online newsletters that people subscribe to. You can purchase broadcast messages or ad space in their newsletters. Since people have subscribed to these newsletters, they already trust the sender. This means if you send Ezine solo ads you have instant credibility because of the relationship that already exists with the reader.
The way you get leads is that people see your ad, are interested and click on the link.
When you’re testing results in an ad that works well, you can copy it and use it again and again and again, etc. This is a technique that can be put on autopilot when you find lists that work for you. However, Ezine solo ads is a paid marketing strategy and costs money.

Things To Know Before You Start With Ezine Solo Ads

If you are considering using Ezine solo ads as a marketing strategy you should only consider the top sponsor or solo ads.

  • Top Sponsor is a short 5-10 line ad that is usually the first thing the readers see because it’s at the top of the issue. Since the ad is so short it’s critical to get to the point quickly and tell them what they are going to get if they click the link.
  • A solo ad is the only ad that is included in that particular issue. This is the most highly recommend way to advertise in Ezines.

Ezine Solo Ads Training

Ezine Solo Ads Training Webinar – MLSP – 3-31-10
There is no real sales-speak on this one. It’s just packed full of content and will show you the strategy and the exact ad used by one of the top guys in the field to get 1,500 leads with a single ad.

Ezine Solo Ads Strategy

The secret to successful Ezine Solo Ads marketing is finding a responsive list and consistency.

  • Create a budget for yourself and stick to it. Plan to send 1-5 solo ads every week or every other week.
  • Start with smaller lists and get bigger. You can start with as little as $10 but can move up in size as you find ads and newsletters that get good results for you.

The Ezine solo ads training webinar from above gives an example from a guy who sends one ad (automatically) at the beginning of every month. This one ad gives him 1500 leads… every month.

How To Pick A List

If your Ezine Solo Ads marketing strategy includes finding a list and submitting an ad it’s going to take you a very long time to get leads. A little bit of research before you start will help narrow down your list a great deal and help you get leads for much less than you would without the research.

Here are the steps for finding a newsletter to place your ad:

  • Make a list
  • Qualify the list
  • Subscribe to the list
  • Contact the publisher
  • Follow up

Make A List – There are a few ways to find Ezine solo ads lists to advertise in and get leads and I’ll show you a few.

The “Free Way”

  • Go to Google and search for variations of network marketing newsletter.
  • Other examples are network marketer ezine, network marketer solo ad, home business, work from home, etc. If you are not marketing to people in the network marketing industry you will need to adjust your search terms to match the newsletter content you created in your automated email system.
  • Go to their website.
  • Look for an “advertise with us” button. If they have this option, add them to your initial list.
  • Make a list of 100.

Ezine Directory
This is a directory of all of the Ezines available and will save you hours and hours of time. The last time I checked the cost was $97. You can search for newsletters that accept solo ads in the field you are looking for and have your list of 100 automatically generated. If you’re planning to use Ezine solo ads marketing, this is a shortcut on the research part of the process.

Qualify The List
The next step to your Ezine solo ads strategy is to qualify your list. When you get your list of 100 possible newsletters, you need to visit their site to see what it looks like.

There are many things to look for when deciding whether you want to advertise or not. The focus should be on whether you will get leads from the list not how much selling the Ezine can do to you. If they are a quality Ezine newsletter they won’t have to try too hard to convince you to advertise with them to get leads. If they are too sales oriented to get your business, you should ask yourself why they seem to be finding it so hard to sell their advertising space.

You should cross the newsletter off your list if you see any of the following:

  • Anything that guarantees you results.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
  • Hard, aggressive selling of their advertising.
  • A site too focused on “sales”. i.e. covered in red and purple with a lot of flashing designed to get your attention. You should be looking for sites that look “professional”.
  • This should drop list by 50%.

You typically get what you pay for with Ezine solo ads. The size of the subscriber list isn’t as important as the general responsiveness of the list.

  • If an ezine has a subscriber list of 2,000 people, and the cost to place a solo ad is $5 you should skip it. This probably means that the list is not very responsive to advertising.
  • If a subscriber list of 2,000 has a solo ad cost of $50 it means the list is probably more responsive.
  • The same thing applies for if an ezine has 50,000 subscribers and they only charge $10 to place an ad, this means the list is not as responsive. But if they charge $100 than you will likely have a better response.

Subscribe To The List
The next step of your Ezine solo ads strategy is to subscribe to their Ezine list so you can see what they are sending to their subscribers. Look at the content and decide if you will get leads from the people who are reading it.

  • This will allow you to copy their format and writing styles.
  • Make sure the content of the Ezine is related to the content you will be sending. If you don’t like the content and/or they have more ads than content drop them from your list.
  • Use a free Yahoo or Gmail email account so you don’t add more “stuff” to your main business email address. If you need help with this, send me an email.
  • This step should drop your list by another 50%.

Contact The Publisher
The next step to your Ezine solo ads strategy is not done by most marketers. Go back to remaining 25 newsletters and contact the publisher to see if you can get additional information that will be helpful. This step is discussed in more detail in the webinar shown above.

Marketing rules say you should always try to make a connection so you should always start by indicating that you are a subscriber and mention something about a recent issue that you liked. This should just happen if you are doing Ezine solo ads marketing, this applies to all kinds of marketing.

Tell them about your offer/ad and ask if they know how well this type of ad has worked historically. You can also ask if anyone has done this type of advertisement recently. You may find out it’s a great idea or that it is something you should skip.

You should hear back from about 15%. If you do get a response it helps you determine that it’s a much more “legit” newsletter and should drop your initial list of over 100 down to just a few. This is a critical step to your Ezine solo ads marketing strategy.

Follow Up
This is a key step that is also discussed in more detail in the webinar in the above training section. Most people in the network marketing industry don’t do this, but this is the key to “breaking out of the pack” in your Ezine solo ads strategy.

When you find an ad and newsletter that get pretty good results, contact the publisher and try to make a deal to make it a recurring ad at (possibly) a reduced cost. i.e. if your ad only made back 80% of your investment, offer to advertise in their newsletter for 6 months at 80% of the regular cost.

Ad Copy

The strategy for a successful Ezine solo ads campaign is evolving. There are two schools of thought.

  • Give them your pitch
  • Only give them enough info to get them to your opt-in page.

Give Them Your Pitch
You want to catch their attention and get them interested, but don’t bore them. If it’s too long they will lose interest and stop reading. Keep your ad less than a page long.

The copy writing is critical. Most advertising is more successful if it is more creative and that definitely applies to Ezine solo ads advertising. Check out the copywriting post for more information.

Shorter Ads
More current information indicates that shorter ads are actually producing better. Your goal for the ad isn’t to get them to read your ad, your goal is to get them to your website.

Create a short ad designed to create curiosity and get them to your page. In the webinar above, you’ll hear about the exact format of his most successful ads. His Ezine solo ads marketing for a single ad results in 1,000 leads every time he runs this ad.

Subject Line:
How To Get (xyz Result) In (xyz Time Frame)
If you’re sick and tired of (problem, problem, problem),
then this will be the most important website you ever see.
(your link)
Heading of website
(your link)

Tracking Your Results

Everyone involved in the network marketing world should know that tracking your results is critical if you want to get leads and find success. Marketing through Ezine solo ads is no different. You can either start by sending one ad to several different newsletters or you can send several different ads. If you send several different ads, review your results each time, drop the least successful and replace it with a new one.

Which one you choose is a personal choice and should be based on which way you think you will be able to keep better track of your results.

Testing is crucial to your Ezine solo ads success. A few of the bigger items you will want to keep track of are the length of your ad (longer vs shorter) and the placement of your link in the ad (putting your link at the top, middle, bottom, all three, etc).


I would recommend that you do the research I discussed above to find the Ezines to start advertise in, but if you don’t want to do that I have a list you can start with – Ezine Lists.

I don’t do sales-speak so I’m not going to tell you how “fabulous” they are. Instead I’ll tell you that they came from various systems I use but I have NOT reviewed these to see if they meet the criteria I gave out above.

Good luck with your Ezine solo ads marketing!!

Do you have any Ezines that make you $1,000 every time you send them that you would like to share? :)


If you’re still struggling with your business, this should help:

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